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Complete Health and Fitness Plans

Personal training, nutrition advice and lifestyle coaching
Bespoke packages designed to help you meet your goals


Personal Training Plans

Choose from 1:1 or small group training
Between 1 – 4 sessions per week


Nutrition Coaching

Includes body composition analysis
Tailored advice and support to help you meet your goals


Tired, stressed, unhealthy, overweight, unfit.
Any of this sound familiar?
Modern life has left us increasingly unhealthy with serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease on the rise.  We often work long hours in stressful jobs and many of us are feeling the effects.  Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight or simply improve your health, we can help.Solis Lifestyle is a health and wellbeing company based in Warwickshire.  We offer Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching to help create a healthy, happy YOU.  All our services are designed to meet your needs so we tailor our service to help you achieve your goals.We specialise in weight loss, over 50s, and those with mobility problems or conditions including coronary heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and diabetes.  All delivered by a certified Master Personal Trainer and Fitness and Nutrition Coach.We work with many different types of people so if you are unsure about the next step then contact us for a free no obligation call about what we can do for you.  Is it time to make a change?